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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Beginning end of October, SAP Enterprise Support Academy will be adjusting the process in confirming registrations with you, upon registering to our live expert-guided implementation (EGI) and meet-the-expert (MTE) sessions.

Instead of the formal processes of sending email notifications, registrants will now receive the actual meeting request invitation.

Registrants will have the following options, which will need to be triggered by the registrant in order to attend: accept, tentative, or decline. Accepting the invite will also allow you to view the details of the upcoming session directly from your calendar.
Note, declining the meeting request will not trigger a de-registration; an official withdrawal from the registration can only be performed by logging into SAP Learning Hub and manually withdrawing from the session.


EGI / MTE session updates?
Should there be changes in the time, date, or an eventual cancellation, an updated meeting request will be sent to your inbox respectively. Accepting the updated invite will also trigger the change on your calendar.

Please note that the meeting request will sent from our system via the following eMail address:

For special events, meeting requests may be sent directly from the inbox of the SAP Enterprise Support Academy (