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SAP NW BPM provides modeling, execution and monitoring of business processes that can span multiple systems. It not only orchestrates information between systems, but can also involve users. For example, many companies are using BPM along with MDM during the authorization process before any master data can be entered into MDM.

In the near future, BPM can optionally be installed with SAP NW PI in the same instance, increasing the usability and integration of the two products. BPM is targeted as the eventual replacement for PI’s ccBPM.

In the future, BPM will also be used to provide real-time end-to-end BAM and on-demand (cloud) execution environment.

As we use BPM today and anticipating its usage in the future, whether with MDM, PI, BAM, SAP Business Suites or whatever, we may find that there are some really nice features and also features needing improvements or missing features that can help us.

Through the idea place, we can now provide feedbacks and suggestions that can potential affect the product’s features and directions. You never know, maybe one of our ideas will become part of the product.

The idea place can be accessed at:
Idea Place for BPM

Idea Place for PI