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HR Triggers business logic getting too complex?

Why not make use the entire world of ABAP to code the business logic for HR Triggers?

Business Rule Framework plus (BRFplus) provides a comprehensive application programming interface (API) and user interface (UI) for defining and processing business rules. However the tool can be complex to users that have limited knowledge and experience working with it.

BRFPlus applications can become very complex, and it may come to a point where the business logic for some HR Trigger scenarios are better off being created in pure ABAP procedure instead. Of course, for those who are BRFPlus developers, this blog does not make sense, but I would like to address here those users with very limited knowledge on the tool.

BRFPlus Application that calls an ABAP procedure, is all you need

Follow the three videos below, to create a BRFPlus application from scratch, which in turn calls an ABAP procedure where you can use your ABAP skills to create any logic you desire. As long as your business logic for HR Triggers can be coded using ABAP, you should be okay!

BRFPlus - Part 1 - Create Function Module

This video demonstrates how to create the Function Module to be used in the BRFPlus rule with a Procedure Call, for Access Control HR Triggers functionality.

BRFPlus - Part 2 - Create BRF Application

This video demostrates how to create and configure the BRFPlus Application with Procedure Call, to be used in HR Triggers.

BRFPlus - Part 3 - Map the BRFPlus Function ID in SPRO

This video demostrates how to map the newly created BRFPlus rule into SPRO configuration

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