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In case you missed it- I wrote my first blog Be Better, Not Just Awesome on the LEGO Movie and SAP Active Global Support, feel free to check it out and leave your feedback and comments!

Is this your first time to appear at SAPPHIRE NOW? Are you a partner, customer or SAP employee? Do you want to look smart and not lost at the event of the year? Are you still trying to figure out what to pack? Would you like to attend any Active Global Support demo theater sessions and consult or network with support experts regarding your current business challenges?

Don't panic if you answered "yes" more than once above, take few minutes to read the following advice I gathered from my team, Premium Engagements Business Development, Active Global Support. We, as event planners, event organizers and active participants at SAPPHIRE, offer our most valuable insights exclusively for you. We are here to help you get ready and look poised for your SAPPHIRE debut!


1. Dress code:

    "Formal business attire for all employees is required."   -- Jen McGrory

    "Shine your shoes- and wear a suit with that great smile of yours. Look sharp."   -- Jen Van Hala

2. "Register before you come in!"   -- Vickie Smith

     Note: Please pay close attention to what kind of sessions you are attending. Because in some cases, the space in certain meetings is limited, you need to register ahead of time. For example, MaxAttention Lounge meetings and Cloud Mini workshops at ONE Support Center should be scheduled prior to the event.

3. "For all of your anticipated meetings- nail down a meeting time AND precise location BEFORE you even leave for SAPPHIRE."   -- Jen Van Hala

4. "Set up a plan -- of what you want to see, but be sure to have some unscheduled time to get a good look at something that catches your eye."   -- Rhoda Springer

5. "Download the SAPPHIRE app!! It's got map!!"   -- Jen McGrory

6. "Give yourself some downtime because the days can be long and involve a lot of walking."   -- Robbi Laak

7. "Get lots of rest before the week of the conference. 😉 "   -- Robbi Laak


1. "Once you are there, and even if you are remote - watch the keynotes- all of them."   -- Jen Van Hala

    "Hit the keynotes- those presentations, usually given by someone high up the SAP food chain, set the tone for everything that goes on at SAPPHIRE and gives a glimpse into the future."   -- Rhoda Springer

2. "Help spread some smiles- since SAPPHIRE can be a little stressful to those working the event day and night, be extra kind to all the staff. Meanwhile, your smile could be the difference between a customer thinking SAPPHIRE is great... or not."   -- Jen Van Hala

3. "The most challenging aspect of SAPPHIRE is knowing almost all of your friends are there 'somewhere' but there isn't enough time to see them. So, use your time wisely."   -- Jen Van Hala

    "Meet with your peers- this is for customer mostly since we are here to see into all of their businesses but this is a great opportunity to discuss how other users are solving their issues by using SAP. It can spark great ideas!"   -- Rhoda Springer

    "Be flexible in your schedule as things change or you discover new sessions that might take a priority."   -- Robbi Laak

4. "Join someone for lunch if they are sitting alone- introduce yourself and get to know your new friends."   -- Jen Van Hala

5. "Do NOT 'share' your badge. Sorry, but we do have badges and security for a reason."   -- Jen Van Hala

6. "Don't reply on getting a firm meeting set up with a partner or vendor. You may need to track them down at their booth and get their time there."   -- Tommy Weems

7. "Make sure that you take the time to visit vendor booths and network. You never know when you will need to pull out those business cards you collected."  -- Tommy Weems


1. "Have fun and join as many afterhours networking parties, dinners or functions as you can."   -- Robbi Laak

2. "Remember to call home every night- tell your family how great you did at SAPPHIRE today and that you made a difference."   -- Jen Van Hala

Hope you've learned something from this blog about this exciting annual event. Oh last but not least, while you look poised at SAPPHIRE, don't forget to stop by the MaxAttention Lounge and ONE Support Center, and say hi to our team! :smile:

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