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Nearly every Forbes Global 2000 enterprise is undergoing some sort of digital transformation journey. What choice do they have? As their fellow peers on the S&P 500 Index slowly disappear, 59% of executives are finding that failure to adapt to hyperconnectivity is the biggest danger faced by their company, according to a recent Economist Intelligence Unit study. While some brands are struggling, others are getting it right and bringing about an unprecedented metamorphosis of customer experiences, revenue, employee engagement, and mindset.

Even long-established brands are no strangers to such change. For example, a world-leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, started to notice that the competition landscape was evolving, new innovations were emerging, and customers were demanding more of everything. Increasingly, the company found it difficult to innovate in a way that kept its customers happy and went beyond just reactive responses.

The manufacturer was prime for a digital transformation. Its employees wanted it. Its customers craved it. More important, the overall business needed to remain as relevant and strong as ever.

A metamorphic approach to digital transformation

Even though most large companies have the capital, resources, space, and manpower to power deep, significant digital transformation, they still have complexities to consider. For the manufacturer, this meant a high volume of parts variations for customers worldwide, a large network of dealers scattered across the world, and a workforce of hundreds and thousands of people. The nature of its customers’ work required 100% availability throughout the value chain because no one can afford to wait for a product or service due to misinformation, out-of-stocks, and logistical delays.

With so much at stake, the company knew that it required access to the right experts quickly and early-on to define the best solutions for its customers – possibly even solutions that were never-before imagined. And for this very reason, SAP MaxAttention services proved to be the best approach.

By establishing the reliability, stability, and availability of core business processes and SAP solutions, the manufacturer is positioned to deliver outcomes that strengthens its competitiveness. With SAP MaxAttention, it can move away from a reactive support model to become more proactive. Now, decision makers can anticipate problems before they become critical problems. And with the adoption of the “Run SAP Like a Factory” methodology and an operations control center, its systems are better managed – reducing total cost of operations.

While these advantages are significant for any company, this was only the beginning of the next phase of the manufacturer’s transformation – the rise of a digital core. Implementing SAP S/4HANA software digitally connected all lines of business and the entire business network to simplify the end-to-end value chain. By driving instant, real-time insight throughout the enterprise, the company is now able to realize its ultimate digital vision.

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