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The classified ad said,

"Wanted: CEO needs a single-arm consultant, with a social sciences degree and five years of experience." The man who ended up taking the job asked, "I understand most of the qualifications you required, but why single-arm?" The CEO answered, "I have had many consultants, and I am tired of hearing with each advice the phrase 'on the other hand…'.”

Same beginning, different ends

Reading this joke, I started thinking how can consulting differ among individuals or companies? All consultants start by dedicating long hours in universities learning more or less the same principles and the same tools. So what makes them special? What makes a person or an entire team different?

I entered the Business World almost two years ago and I naturally regard myself as a freshman in this area. About 8 months ago I joined SAP’s Business Transformation Services department. It was at that time that I started first living and feeling the real business experience. Being in the Marketing team demanded keeping a close relationship with the teams, the people and the work that we advertised. This is how I was introduced to process consulting teams. Business process consulting is one of the services SAP offers to its customers and its main task is to help designing best practice business processes that are aligned with SAP Software and the industry requirements to reduce costs and effort of process design.  But what makes the process consulting from SAP different to any other process consulting firms? There are so many consulting firms offering the exact same service and some with a very impressive background. What circumstances trigger a better business process consulting?

I think the answer to this question is – an integrated package.

A fact is that in the last decade with the entire globalization and internet boom, all companies are seeking to expand and to grow their business. In the time of staggering speed, where all companies are racing to meet customer needs, time to market plays a very important role. Creating an environment where processes are streamlined for a fast go to market is crucial.

But it’s not enough to be just fast, they have to re-invent themselves, to innovate. Creating flexible processes that can be easily adapted and that can allow room for innovation is another trigger for success.

There are many other requirements that need to be fulfilled to succeed in this fast paced world.

Creating better circumstances

If you are wondering what SAP’s connection with all this, well SAP offers a wide range of solutions meeting the current market challenges and addressing requests from all management levels and all industries.

In my opinion any tool is a priceless asset if you hold it right therefore software is nothing if processes are not streamlined. And that is where SAP has the upper hand. Because of its proximity with the software development, SAP consulting is in the best position to provide the best services for business process consulting. Because of the deep solution knowledge and years of industry experience, SAP consulting is the only company that can build best practice processes and map them to the underlying software for an integrated solution for any challenge your company might face.

As I mentioned before, it is a matter of an integrated approach! What better situation to find yourself in, than having the process design, the software and the implementation from the same source.

I would like to recommend this video as well, in order to get a visualized and better understanding of how SAP can streamline your processes and operation:

Why not asking me directly?

Should you be interested in finding out more about Business Process Consulting services from SAP, feel free to write me at - I would be keen in answering any questions in the best manner possible.

My name is Victor Cebanu, I am 21 and currently studying International Business at Reutlingen University in Germany. I joined in 2011 the Business Transformation Services group and have been working ever since in the Marketing team. My true emotion about this: It feels great to be part of something big, even if I only play a small role in it.