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A company has set up recurring postings to be proposed for execution on particular days of the month. The company does not trade on the weekend. A recurring posting is scheduled for execution for example on a Saturday. The company accountant wants to change it to the following Monday. How can this be achieved?


Solution (Note 1114120😞


1. Go to Financials => Recurring Postings & click on 'Confirmation List'.

2. Identify the postings that need a date different from the current system date.

3. Go to Financials => Journal Entry to open a new journal entry (JE).

4. In 'Template Type' in the header of the JE select 'Recurring Posting'.

5. The adjacent field 'Template' will be active, select the appropriate template code for the first recurring posting to have a different posting date.

6. The JE is populated automatically with the data from the template & the posting date can be changed before the JE is added.

7. The so created JE replaces the proposed instance of the recurring posting. The proposed recurring posting must now be removed.

8. In the confirmation window select the appropriate JE & click on 'Remove'.

9. The system message 'Delete selected Postings? - Remove/Cancel' appears. Click on 'Remove' to delete the appropriate proposed posting(s).


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