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Two weeks ago I posted about my first impressions of SAP, which revolved around both the collaborative atmosphere and the impact I knew I would be able to make here.

As I’ve thought more about this, I realized impressions are a big deal because they have such a lasting influence. I think that this is especially true in regard to the organization you choose to work for. Your first impression answers the questions, “do I want to be here?” and “am I able to take what I’m passionate about and bring it with me into the office every day?”

In my case, I love communicating and making an impact by sharing my ideas. I knew that I would be able to do what I love here, and that it would make me genuinely happy.  I knew this because from day one I noticed the collaborative environment at SAP and the value of teamwork.

When asking some of my fellow early talents about what their first impressions of SAP were, they all related back to people, just like mine. This was the case whether it involved frequent collaboration with team members, being part of such a diverse community, or being given opportunities by your peers to stand out.  Based off of these impressions, we feel as though we can Run with Purpose at SAP.

Run with Purpose is about sharing our passions and how they relate to their purpose at SAP. Like me, Lindsey Nelson, Alyse Wyler, Grace Chiu, and Carole Boyle are running with purpose and I’d bet their first impressions of SAP had a lasting influence on them too!