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Nowadays customers are living in a temple of consumerism, simply said it’s a buyer’s paradise… or isn’t it…? Choice is great but without guidance and without products that exactly fit the customers’ needs they are worthless…

SAP has taken an approach where it tries to serve customers with software products and services that are tailored to the customers’ specific requirements. The digital transformation has even accelerated this process to another level, where every single company case needs be considered with its own rationale.

SAP Cloud Platform is based on user needs and experiences and, in the new digital economy, it keeps on accelerating the innovation path of customers. An agile working principle ensures constant expedition and constantly reflects essential needs by always looking one step ahead, which ensures secured future decisions and avoidance of errors. SAP Cloud Platform comprises both services and applications. It can be personalized to any required company need within a variety of 1,000+ prebuilt applications from SAP partners that integrate seamlessly with SAP applications. It brings together an entire IT landscape with a chosen package of Iot, big data or mobilized applications. Moreover, recognizable changes might be seen within weeks or months, instead of years as in the past.

Please visit the SAP Digital Business Services Campus at SAPPHIRE NOW 2017 to learn more and feel free to check out the following sessions:

Navigate the Impact of the Digital Economy
Map out your digital journey in a feasible, affordable, and viable way. Discover the predicted impact across industries and the appropriate next steps, including the power of the digital core from SAP to prepare you for the digital economy.

Adopt the Latest Innovations Quickly with SAP Cloud Platform
Outperform the competition through real-time applications. Extend core-to-edge business processes using SAP Cloud Platform together with SAP S/4HANA. Find out how the innovative hybrid architecture of SAP Cloud Platform enables development and extension of processes in the cloud to meet specific, custom needs and requirements.

Get Mobile Fast with a Cloud Platform
Accelerate speed and ease of mobile app development. Get a jump on digital transformation using the advanced features available in SAP Cloud Platform. Walk through the entire process of creating apps that are ready for iOS devices using the SAP Fiori for iOS design language.



Learn more about SAP Digital Business Services at SAPPHIRE NOW here. Find all our event related blogs and videos here.

Benjamin Wilk is the social media lead for SAP Digital Business Services at SAPPHIRE NOW 2017.
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