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Did you know that SAP is planning to give a LIVE DEMO implementation of the SAP SRM Self-Service Procurement rapid-deployment solution at SAPPHIRE NOW Madrid?

This LIVE DEMO will take place on Tuesday, November 13 from 3.00 p.m - 4.00 pm and Wednesday, November 14 and Thursday, November 15 from 2.00 - 3.00 p.m., ‘Go Live Quickly with SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions for Procurement’ (RDS Lounge, located in Hall 9) – Register Now! You can also pick up a demo schedule at the LOB/Industry campus / Procurement discussion table.

The SAP SRM Self-Service Procurement rapid-deployment solution provides a companywide procurement solution that improves operational execution and supports savings realization plans of the procurement department(s). The platform frees up time and resources while closing the loop with suppliers, users and finance by leveraging existing SAP ERP processes. It allows businesses to reduce costs and cycle times by improving transparency, implement procurement processes with a modular step-by-step approach with out-of-the-box integration (business processes and technical support). Furthermore, this rapid-deployment solution:

  • Empowers businesses with the essential self-service procurement functionality they need to quickly shop online for goods and services and easily approve requisitions – so they can affordably improve productivity and reduce risks.
  • Enables businesses to enforce compliance with procurement policies, using automated, transparent workflows for purchase orders, desktop receiving and invoice entry as well as delivery of catalogs and preferred suppliers online.
  • Allows expedited user adoption with an intuitive UI that facilitates online shopping and simplifies approval processes
  • Implementation in as little as 10 weeks with a preconfigured, fixed-scope edition of supplier relationship management software for self-service procurement.

The Live Demo at SAPPHIRENOW Madrid:

Heiko Ziegler, SAP Package Owner for Lob Procurement packages, & Gerd Bruns Solution Architect will be leading this demo and will show how to configure a plain SRM system including 107 steps to connect it to a productive ERP, replicate data, install catalogs, customize the shopping cart, workflow etc.

During the demo, Heiko & Gerd will upload the rapid-deployment solution content, activate the package and run the entire configuration steps in less than 60 minutes! The heavily automated accelerators will then configure the system - the manual steps which need to be done are all personalization related. At the end they will show the Self-Service Procurement process from creating a shopping cart by using a punch out catalog, demo the workflow preview and execute the approval by the manager.

Take a look at the video below to see the SAP Self-Service Procurement rapid-deployment solution in action :smile: :

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