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After a decent Cappuchino at Starbucks I started my first Sapphire day with attending the Chemical User Group (CISUG) industry day with focus on the SAP Best Practices and All in One Solutions for Chemicals.

Frank Kochendoerfer presented the latest Best Practices for Chemicals industry template with 95 business scenarios ((3 for ERP, 12 for EHSM). Currently overall 3400 customers are running on an ERP backbone. The template approach has been proven successful over more than 12 years now in terms of cost savings, reduction of implementation time and risk mitigation - average time savings amount to 32%!

Subsequently Hanuma Rupakula gave an outlook what's coming next for the Best Practices Baseline Package with focus on Controlling, Finance, Sales and Distribution and Materials Management.

In the next presentation Juergen Grimmeisen introduced the SAP Solution Preassembly Services. Customers can leverage a pre-installed environment with a pre-assembled bundle of business content, ready for consumption in the cloud. By this approach gains compared to traditional ERP implementation projects of more than 40% can be achieved in terms of time and effort. Overall benefits comprise faster time to value, lower cost of deployment, reduced risk and faster path to innovation.

In the next session Satish Nutakki from Chemtura presented a case study on how they accelerated ERP implementation with SAP's best practice package. The former Great Lakes and Crompton SAP ERP landscapes were cosolidated on a single platform. The Best Practice scenarios could be deployed out of the box to 80-90% in Sales and Distribution, Procurement and Manufacturing and to 50-60% in Plant Maintenance and Quality Management. Across all project phases impressive 4-5 month implementation time reduction compared to conventional projects could be achieved.

Unfortunately I had to leave the industry day, so I missed some other interesting case studies. However, overall a great start into Sapphire with quite compelling news around innovative deployment of chemical specific content!

Watch out for more to come.

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