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This is a continuation of the troubleshoot guide for planner. Click Here to access the part I of the guide.

Reporting an issue:

Issue is created as I set the test to fail status:

The Owner of the issue is I827528.

ℹ Just the Control Owner or the ICMAN have authorizations to Receive an Issue:

This user must have power user roles or must be the control owner (in this case, as I am working with SOX regulation, the user must be a SOX control owner).

The business event responsible to deliver this task is:


Accessing the task to remediate the issue:

This information can be seen in table GRPCCASEIS.

Creating a Remediation Plan:

When you assign a remediation plan, you set the user you want to be the owner during creation:

In CONTROL_OWN’s inbox, there is a new task:

Test was set to complete. You can also check this information in table GRPCCASEPL.

We can see the progress of the workflow in SWIA:

The yellow highlights are the tasks which were completed.

If you need further information about the step you are in, you can access the task information in the container of the work item ID.

if you have some doubts on the workflow information, you can start debugging sessions based on the Task information:


Upon clicking on the highlighted task TS75900020, I can see the following screen:

ℹ We know Class and Method that are used when this event is triggered. Setting a breakpoint at this point allows users to debug this event.

Going back to the Close issue activity:

After pressing submit button within the work item, the status of the work items goes to Reserved

The status reserved will continue there until the remediation is not closed by the owner.

After completing the test, the evaluation is sent back to the SOX Control Tester for a Re-Evaluation.

If approved, the process is closed.  The test result is set to Pass.

Process is completed in Planner Monitor.

If you check SWIA after performing all these steps, the whole workflow is completed.

More information will be added upon contribution. :smile: