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Up until now we have mainly talked about exposing and integrating SAP services in Microsoft UIs. We started by integrating in SharePoint On-premise and now with SAP Gateway for Microsoft we are focusing on integrating SAP Gateway OData services not only in SharePoint Online, but also in Outlook, Excel, Word, ... both on-prem and online via Office 365.

Scenarios like the handling of SAP data in Excel via the SAP Gateway for Microsoft Excel add-in,

like recently seen from Nvidia / Cordis or the integration in Outlook (for example the workflow integration "via" SAP Fiori My Inbox)

are extremly popular.

However, with the SAP Fiori Launchpad, the availability of over 600 SAP Fiori Apps in the Apps Library, SAP Fiori, cloud edition and probably also shown by the recent Red Dot Award for Design Concepts

we are hearing more and more questions about integrating services in SAP Fiori apps. Questions like

  • "Can I integrate my Skype functionality in SAP Fiori?",
  • "Can I see my Yammer feeds in SAP Fiori?" or
  • "Can I access my SharePoint document library in SAP Fiori?"

are raised more and more.

Since SAP Fiori is all based on HTML5 & JavaScript, you can obviously extend the applications, for example using the SAP Web IDE (if you want to see how easy it is to extend SAP Fiori applications, check out this blog SAP Fiori, cloud edition extended demo account - End to End Story ).

However, we would like to learn from you what are the most important integration scenarios for you? What is it, that you would like to see maybe as templates in Web IDE or projects in GitHub, ... to help you enrich SAP Fiori applications.

If you are at SAP TechEd Barcelona I am happy to invite you to our "Product Influencing Session" - Microsoft Services in SAP UIs.on Wednesday from 1pm to to 2pm:

In this open session I would like to brainstorm and work with you to identify what scenarios are interesting to you.

  • How would an ideal integration look like?
  • What kind of integration are you looking for?
  • What would be the main UI for integration (SAP Fiori, NWBC, SAP GUI, ...)?
  • How should we make this integration happen?
  • What are key requirements?
  • ...

If you cannot make it, but still have some great ideas -- let us know (either via Email or via the comment section below).