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(This is episode 2 of 7 in a series about the Build journey for ISVs. Download the complete journey document here)

As part of the award-winning SAP PartnerEdge program, the ‘Build’ engagement model offers solution providers and independent software vendors (ISVs) the ability to rapidly design, build, and commercialize their applications under a single, comprehensive partner program. Whether they are creating standalone commercial software, extending SAP solutions, integrating and connecting to SAP data, or modernizing an existing application, the SAP PartnerEdge ­– Build program will support them at every stage of their journey, which we have divided in the following steps:

In this second blog post of a series explaining the entire ISV build journey, we focus on step 1: learn and apply. For a comprehensive introduction to the journey, please read the first blog post of this series.

Learning about the program offerings

Let's look at  the picture above. The first step in the build journey starts with learning about the program options and applying for the program offering of choice (for an explanation about the colors and icons used, please read the introductory blog post).

The “Build Better” site on gives all the information that an ISV needs. The information on this site is structured along the same build stages as I outlined in my introductory blog post. Here, a prospective partner can learn about the benefits of partnering with SAP, and compare the program offerings of full partnership (also known as SAP PartnerEdge – Build), and membership in the Open Ecosystem – Build program.

Applying for partnership

Direct from the Build Better page, an interested ISV can apply for either of the two programs. The “apply now” button goes to the respective application form and the application will be reviewed against the program criteria. For example, the applicant must be a company with a functioning website and a physical office address, and not an individual. In certain countries, a TAX ID number must also be provided. It will take from one to three business days for these checks to be completed.

If the admission criteria are not met, the applicant will receive a notification letter via email. For this journey however, we assume the ISV has been accepted into the program. They will receive an email containing a link to a “DocuSign” envelope that enables the ISV to electronically sign the SAP PartnerEdge – Build or Open Ecosystem – Build agreement.

Getting onboard

As soon as the agreement has been signed, the partner will receive three emails. The first two include their S-user ID and password for accessing the different SAP partner platforms that are available. The third email is a welcome email specific for the Build engagement model or specialization and containing key information on how to get started.

With the agreement in place, credentials created and the welcome email in their inbox, the partner is now ready to get started. Let’s move to the next stage: Get Started! This will be covered in next week’s episode.

Next up: Step 2 – Get Started

In the next blog post, I’ll cover the Get Started stage. An appetizer is shown below. Stay tuned!