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From now on you have the chance to explore the High Performance Application SAP Fraud Management completely for free in the cloud. Via the SAP HANA marketplace you can quickly order your free trial access by only pushing a button. Within less than two hours you are able to log on to the system and experience the applications features and great user experience.

Discover how the application supports you with a real time fraud detection to reduce financial loss. Learn how it helps you to minimize false positives through real-time calibration and simulation capabilities on very large volumes of data in order to improve the accuracy of the fraud detection. And see how it combines rules and predictive methods to optimize fraud scenario analysis and adapt measures to changing fraud patterns to better prevent fraud situations from happening.

The free trial version of SAP Fraud Management showcases a preconfigured “basic anti-bribery detection” scenario. In order to get to know all the capabilities of SAP Fraud Management, you have the possibility to start a pilot project running in the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud. Within the pilot project, you can run the application with your own business data without investments in hardware. The cloud system is ready to use within a couple of days.


Besides the free trial and the pilot projects running in the cloud, SAP Fraud Management is productively available in the cloud as well. Which means that there are two fully supported deployment options for SAP Fraud Management: on-premise or in the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud.

Sign up for your free trial today and enjoy SAP Fraud Management, powered by SAP HANA.