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we can run report RFTB_MIRROR_CUSTOMIZING_CHECK to check Mirror customizing.

If customizing is OK but no deal mirrored, we can run SM58 to check LUW.

we can debug LUW and check the return table in BAPI_Mirror_*_create.

SAP Customizing Implementation Guide
-Financial Supply Chain Management
-Treasury and Risk Management
  -Transaction Manager
-General Settings
  -Transaction Management
  -Distribution of Mirror Transactions

Example customizing (you create an investment deal from company code 2000 with business partner BP1):

Maintain Relevant Product Types and Transaction Types

2000 51A 100 01 10 BP1

2000 55A 100 01 10 BP1

(you don't need to customize incoming transaction/company code here)

Map Product Types and Transaction Types

here, you have to maintain the meta text, a unique text, see help.

For example:

1000 51A 200 MATA-TEXT_51A + 01

1000 55A 200 MATA-TEXT_55A + 01

2000 51A 100 MATA-TEXT_51A - 01

2000 55A 100 MATA-TEXT_55A - 01

(here is important that meta-text is different for each mirroring pair)

Map Flow Types

it's not necessary to maintain it because you aren't mirroring a cash

flow transaction (PT 54A).

Process Incoming Data

1000 51A 200 01 10 BP2 01 01

1000 55A 200 01 10 BP2 01 01

Assign Company Code to Partner

1000 BP1

2000 BP2

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