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In this blog I will show you the most common errors when adding Invoice Linked With Down Payment. I will also provides tips on how to resolve these errors.

  1. For further information please refer to the attached notes.
  2. Please contact support center with any DB inconsistencies you may find.


When creating an invoice which has a Down Payment applied, the system may show error messages that prevent the invoice from being posted into the system. The error messages can vary depending on the scenarios:


Scenario 1: 'No matching records found: 'Down Payment'
When trying to link a Down Payment Invoice (DPI) to a final invoice by clicking on the 'Total Down Payment' button, the system shows an error 'No matching records found: Down Payment'.

What to do
  1. Check if the Down Payment Invoice has been paid. Access the DPI and click on the 'Payment Means' icon. Only paid DPI can be linked to the Invoice.
  2. Check if a Credit Note has been created against this Down Payment Invoice by clicking the 'Target' icon.
  3. Check if the Down payment Invoice has already applied to another Invoice by clicking the 'Target' icon.
The following query can be used to check if a certain DPI has been used in any target document.

Select T0.DocNum, T0.DpmAmnt,T0.DpmAppl From ODPx T0
Where T0.DpmAppl = T0.DpmAmnt


Scenario 2: 'Total amount of Down Payment must be less than amount of Invoice'

Case 1

Invoice Applied With Down Payment Invoice
When trying to select a Down Payment, an error appears 'Total amount of down payment must be less than amount of invoice.'

In this scenario, the total AP Invoice amount is GBP 100 (including the GBP 20 Freight). The amount of the down payment applied is also GBP 100; but still the system shows an error message.
What to do
When an Invoice has a Freight amount, the Freight amount can only be paid in the final Invoice and not in a Down Payment transaction. This is a system definition as per Note:

In this case, the amount of the Invoice that can be paid by the AP Down Payment Invoice is only GBP 80, the AP Invoice will have a balance of GBP 20 when posted.

Case 2
Invoice Applied With Down Payment Request
In 2007B version, the error might occur when partially drawing Down Payment Request to invoice. It can be China localization specific.

In 2007B version, using CN localization, the 'Amt to Draw' field could not be modified. Hence, it is not possible to draw partial Down payment Request to Invoice. This may cause an error: 'Total amount of Down Payment must be less than amount of invoice'.
What to do
In 2007B, the customer may consider cancelling the Payment and the Down Payment Request; then creating a new Down Payment Request with the same amount as the Invoice to be linked.

In 8.8 version, the 'Amt to Draw' field is now available for editing.


Scenario 3: 'No matching records found (JDT1)'

This applies to Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland or Slovakia localization companies. When you click on 'Add' to add the Invoice, the following error message appears: 'No matching records found (JDT1).' The Invoice cannot be added.

The steps leading to this error message are as follows:

  1. Set up a 'Subsidiary' BP which has a 'Payment Consolidation' BP defined.
  2. Create an AR Down Payment Request for the 'Subsidiary'. Then, post Incoming Payment using the 'Parent' BP.
  3. Create an AR Down Payment Invoice for the 'Subsidiary' BP based on the AR Down Payment Request.
Then, create an AR Invoice with the AR DPI linked. When clicking 'Add', the error message appears.
What to do
While it is impossible to add the AR Invoice for the 'Subsidiary BP', it is possible to create the Invoice for the customer's consolidating BP ('Parent' BP).

Note: The issue is fixed in 2007A SP01 PL06 and higher.

To generate a list of Down Payment Invoices that were applied to other Business Partner (Consolidated Company), you can use the following query:

Select T0.DocNum as [Invoice DocNum],
T0.CardCode as [Invoice BP Code],
T2.DocNum as [DownPayment DocNum],
T2.CardCode as [DownPayment BP Code], T1.DrawnSum
From OINV T0
Inner Join INV9 T1 On T1.DocEntry = T0.Docentry
Inner Join ODPI T2 On T1.BaseAbs = T2.Docentry
Where T0.Cardcode <> T2.Cardcode

Note: To generate for AP Down Payments, replace INV to PCH and I to O.


Scenario 4: No matching records found 'G/L Accounts'
After upgrading your company database to SAP Business One 8.8, you cannot save an AP or AR Invoice that is linked to a Down Payment Request that was created in earlier versions upgrade and was fully paid.

In 8.8 version, a new G/L Account called 'Interim' account has been introduced in the Business Partner Master Data -> Accounting Tab.

Therefore, after upgrading to 8.8 version, define this Interim account for the selected Business Partner to post the Invoice.

What to do
  1. Access the Business Partner Master Data of the selected BP.
  2. Define the Interim and Clearing Accounts in the Business Partner Master Data.


Scenario 5: Reconciliation difference must be zero before reconciling
In some business cases, your attempt to add an invoice or credit note with a linked down payment request or down payment invoice may fail, and the following error message is displayed: 'Reconciliation difference must be zero before reconciling [Message 3821-8]'.

What to do
You can use the query below to detect if the database has been affected by this scenario:

Select T0.TransID, T2.DocNum, T2.DocRate, T0.BalDueCred, T0.BalFcCred, *
From JDT1 T0
Inner Join RCT2 T1 on T0.CreatedBy = T1.DocNum
and T0.TransType= T1.ObjType and T0.Account<>T0.ShortName Inner Join ORCT T2 on T2.DocEntry = T1.DocNum and T2.DocRate <> 0
Where T1.InvType = 203 and T2.DocRate <> 0 and T0.BalFcCred > 0 and T0.BalDueCred <= 0

If you encounter the same issue, please log a message to SAP Support.


Scenario 6: Invalid Code [Journal Entry - Rows -Account Code]
When trying to reconcile Journal Entry against Down Payment Invoice, you might receive error Message: 'Invalid Code [Journal Entry - Rows -Account Code].' The scenario does not necessarily indicate a database corruption or an application error. The error message arises as a result of changing the AR Control Accounts. A typical scenario is as follows:
  1. Set G/L Control Accounts for Accounts Receivable and Down Payment Receivables. In this case, both accounts are set as '140000'.
  2. Create an AR DP Invoice, note that the posting account is '140000'.
  3. Update the G/L Control Accounts for Accounts Receivable and Down Payment Receivables via Data Transfer Workbench or Import. In this case, change both accounts to'140030'.
  4. Post a Journal Entry for the BP. As the control account is changed, the G/L Account is shown as '140030'.
  5. When trying to reconcile Journal Entry against Down Payment Invoice, an error message appears: 'Invalid Code [Journal Entry - Rows -Account Code].'
What to do
To proceed with the reconciliation, you may consider the following workaround.
  1. Ensure that the two control accounts are defined in the BP Master Data: Account Receivable and Down Payment Receivable control accounts (140000 and 140030).
  2. Perform the Internal Reconciliation. The reconciliation will be posted successfully.
  3. When viewing the reconciliation history, note that the system posted an internal transfer between the Control Accounts to complete the reconciliation.


Scenario 7: Codes in Stored Procedures
If none of the solutions mentioned match the customer's situation, check for additional codes in the Transaction Notification Stored Procedure.


Application Errors
  • What to do
  • Note 1401675 - Error: 'Cannot add an invoice with zero total and deferred tax [Message 439-156]'.
    • Upgrade to 8.8 SP00 PL08
    • Upgrade to 2007A SP01 PL09
  • Note 1117078 - Error: 'No matching records found A/P Down Payment.'
    • Upgrade to 8.8 SP00 PL08
  • Note 1244893 - Error: 'Down Payment sum cannot be greater then total sum [3703-3]'.
    • Upgrade to 2007A SP00 PL44
    • Upgrade to 2007B SP00 PL09
  • Note 1399027 - Error: 'No matching records found JDT1'
    • Upgrade to 8.8 SP00 PL10
  • Note 1407355 - Due to an incorrect calculation of the discount percent on the invoice header, the "Total" section on the invoice contains wrong amounts and the invoice cannot be added.
    • Upgrade to 8.8 SP00 PL06
  • Note 1401675 - Error: 'Cannot add an invoice with zero total and deferred tax [Message 439-156]'
    • Upgrade to 8.8 SP00 PL08
  • Note 1399027 - Error: 'No matching records found JDT1'
    • Upgrade to 8.8 SP00 PL10
  • Note 1395962 - When you try to add the down payment invoice, SAP Business One application might shut down, creating a dump file.
    • Upgrade to 8.8 SP00 PL08