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Background: You are utilizing the Universal Worklist and notice that there are no action buttons for the workflow setup e.g. approval/rejection appearing. This change may have be noticed after completing a recent upgrade. From the end-users perspective the buttons are no longer appearing in the Preview Area and after further investigation you notice that the Action Buttons are in in fact placed within the "Context Menu". The action buttons should be viewable and accesible through the context menu. You access the context menu by clicking on the dropdown menu which is beside the task names. Select the task and then select the dropdown. Are the action buttons visible here?

Adding buttons to a description area must be done by defining them in the view.

Buttons of Interest: Approve, Reject, Print Preview, Forward, Resubmit, Assign to me.

Why have the buttons disappeared?  The UWL UI was changed in 7.10 and higher releases so the look and feel of the UWL is different. Some buttons have indeed been removed e.g. the "You Can Also" area has been removed. In this scenario the buttons will appear only if the buttons (actions) are explicity defined within the UWL View in the XML configuration file.

Important Point: The buttons are only in the preview area if UserDecisionHandler is used and the actions are EXPLICITLY defined in the views.

Property of Interest: <Property name="showButtonInPreviewArea" value="yes"/>Important: Add the property showButtonInPreviewArea property as recommended in SAP Note: 1803438 to all Action definitions.

Core Notes:  SAP Note: 1730719 - Action buttons on UWL not visible after upgrade && SAP Note: 1803438 - Showing UWL item action as a button - only in context menu.