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Definition: The Universal Worklist (UWL) gives users unified and centralized way to access their work and the relevant information in the portal. It collects tasks and notifications from multiple provider systems – SAPBusiness Workflow, Collaboration Task, Alert Framework and Knowledge Management Recent Notifications - in one list for one-stop access.

The Buttons: A UWL Action defines an activity that can be performed in UWL. Actions can be defined for views and items. Item actions can be displayed in the item preview, detail view and UWLiView as action buttons. Item actions are also displayed as context menu items for a certain workitem. View actions displayed as buttons can have an effect on none, one or multiple selected items. Group actions can be used in views to render decision options directly as check boxes or radio buttons in the item rows, for example, for mass execution scenarios.

Button Placement: Before attempting to move the buttons in terms of place you need to ensure they are defined correctly. Do you have the action defined in the view?

Switching Placement (Sample😞


<View name="" selectionMode="SINGLESELECT" width="98%" supportedItemTypes="uwl.task.webflow.decision.TS00008267" columnOrder="statusIcon, subject, priority, creatorId, createdDate,

dueDate, processor, forwardedDate, attachmentCount, detailIcon, APPROVE, REJECT" sortby="priority:descend, dueDate:ascend, createdDate:descend"

tableDesign="STANDARD" visibleRowCount="10" headerVisible="yes" queryRange="undefined" tableNavigationFooterVisible="yes" tableNavigationType="CUSTOMNAV" refresh="300" dueDateSevere="0" dueDateWarning="0" emphasizedItems="none"

displayOnlyDefinedAttributes="yes" dynamicCreationAllowed="yes" actionPosition="bottom"



<Action reference= "<ACTION BUTTON NAME REQUIRED>"/>




Where I have <ACTION BUTTON NAME REQUIRED> you should have somethinglike forward, etc.

Also if you are using the UserDecisionHandler, you will find that the buttons will appear on the view based on the actionPosition in the xml reference.  Your view name will probably also be different, as I just used this one as an example. Please also remember after changing the XML file to clear the cache and re-register the system.


If your item type is defined like this: <ItemTypes> <ItemType name="uwl.task.webflow.TS10007947.SAP_SRM" connector="WebFlowConnector" defaultView="DefaultView" defaultAction="launchSAPAction" executionMode="default"> <ItemTypeCriteria systemId="SAP_SRM" externalType="TS10007947" connector="WebFlowConnector"/>

For task e.g TS10007947 the buttons will only appear in the context menu. For the buttons to appear in the bottom, you will need to use UserDecisionHandler.

Buttons that are associated with the task actions will appear at the bottom of the viewdepending on the action position reference in the XML file as I mentioned above.

The nice thing about the Action Handlers is that you can re-customize them. You can make the task into a decision task in the backend and use the UserDecisionHandler to launch the task in a different way.

Please see the help documentation: