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Backdrop: You are utilizing the Universal Worklist (UWL) which incorporates an approval process for a given process standard e.g. Shopping Carts, Requests etc.

Issue Surrounding Window:

In the Universal Worklist (UWL) after you perform an action (Approve/Reject) on a workitem the action window remains open instead of closing automatically.

What's Expected

The expected behavior is that the window closes without any required action instead however you encounter the "Close Window" screen option.

Example:  Log into Enterprise Portal.  In the portal, navigate to System Administration -> System Configuration -> Universal Worklist & Workflow -> Universal Worklist. Launch the main UWL iView and select a workitem of choice.  Perform any definite action on the workitem e.g. approval or rejection and the popup window remains open.

Why does the Window remain open?

This comes down to a small discrepancy in the property view settings.

The Notification/UWL item launches the work item by calling transaction SWNWIEX (Report RSWNWIEX) from a backend system and passes the work item ID. This transaction starts the work item execution by triggering the method of the object, which is defined in the single step task.

The transaction SWNWIEX is not aware of the functionality implemented in the method of the object.

Closing the Window:

Log into Enterprise Portal.  Navigate to the Universal Worklist (UWL) -> select UWL Administration.  Open the UWL Standard XML (uwl.standard). In order for the window to be closed automatically as desired the returnToDetailViewAllowed property needs to be maintained in the UWL standard XML setup. Add the correct property to the uwl.standard XML -> returnToDetailViewAllowed="yes". Reupload the XML with a value of "High" and clear the UWL Cache.

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