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Background: When you are navigating and performing actions in the Enterprise Portal (EP) you notice that the rendering of the message and the buttons contained within the Work Protect popup is different amongst web browser platforms.

Note: The issue occurs alongside the use of the Internet Explorer (IE), Chrome or the Firefox Web Browser Platforms.

Backdrop: SAP NW & Enterprise Portal

How the issue occurs: Login into the portal from desktop. http://<host>:<port>/portal Navigate to Configuration Management->Infrastructure->Application Modules. In the Module List select the WebModule "", then display its details.In the Web Module Details select the "Components"-tab and then search for "epcfloader" (Portal Service). When displaying Full Details for these portal services, you get following properties available (you may need scroll down): workprotect.mode.default, workprotect.mode.personalize, workprotect.window.features, workprotect.popup.layout (as of 7.0 EhP1 and 7.1 EhP1). Upon selecting the "workprotect.popup.layout" property which defines the layout of the WorkProtect Popup there are limitations for this property which prevent you from configuring a constant display amongst various web browser platforms.

Why this occurs: The portal uses an OS API to display the browser specific popup.

Pointers on potentially changing the layout:  You can tailor the popup window size and features via customizations properties within the WebModule "".  In terms of customizing the WorkProtectMode's Wording and Buttons there is a limitation to the amount of tailoring which can be performed as from a graphical standpoint the presentation of the popup comes down to the Browsers interpretation.