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It was just after the demojam in TechED 2010 - Bangalore, this evening when Craig Cmehil announced that with over 4400+ people this was the second largest teched of the year! beating Berlin to come in at second place!


WOW! the atmosphere was electric and this announcement after the amazing Demo Jam showcases rocked Bangalore!


Were you there ? did you feel the energy in the crowd? nope? well not to worry. just head on over to to catch up on the latest recordings! compliments of SAP.


The day started with the keynote address by Feroze , MD - Labs India followed by Mr. Mekkar Singh.


 This was followed by Vishal Sikka - CTO,SAP. By this time the crowd was almost more than 150% of the seating capacity. you could not walk anywhere. if it was full before, well it was fuller now!


Vishal announced the release of two major solutions from SAP here at bangalore SAP HANA with In-Memory platform , SAP Strategic Workforce Planning as the first application developed by SAP on HANA.


Next, it came the turn of 'Project Condor' - A cool iphone / ipad app for Sales reps to have their info on their finger tips backed by the latest in-mem  technology! I am wondering when this will be released on the Apple app store. I am hoping pretty soon.


 Another great thing about 'Project Condor' was that it used a different design philosophy ( which seems to be catching more and more interest all over sap) called " Design Thinking". People from different disciplines got together and worked with the end user to capture the User experiences and then build paper prototypes for the end users. This process was repeated several times, until the prototype was fixed and then finally built to give shape to Project Condor.


This was a nice surprise when Vishal Sikka spoke about 'Design Thinking' process as I was about to conduct a session with Head,Innovation at SAP Global Delivery in the NEtworking Lounge Sessions today.


The talk was titled "Design Thinking @ SAP Global Delivery" and we showcased some basic principles on Design thinking while giving demos of some iphone apps we have developed with this process.


1. Mobile Banking Application for SAP Banking Services 7.0 customers
The iPhone app had a native UI and connected with the SAP BAnking Services system through REST base web services.With the app you can check all your account balances and also do a fund transfer between the accounts along with Loan related features.


2. Mobile Monitoring "MoMo" app
The iphone app allows basis administrators to monitor their critical processes on the move.we were infact approached by different customers for the MoMo app as they wanted to install and use it.

One actually mentioned that if they had this app then their trip to teched would have been much smoother as they would have been able to keep track of some of their activities! customers already!


I will write up a seperate blog about this talk and the mobile apps in more detail.



Demo Jam was the next big ticket item on the agenda and I think everyone at KTPO was eagerly trying to will it to start sooner!!! And so it began at 6 PM.


Craig Cmehil came on stage and woke up the bangalore style in his greatly entertaining way! one thing is for sure, the bangalore crowd learned how to S C R E A M!


Six demos were scheduled for today. A little bit of trivia before I move on, this year we had the highest number of entries ever in a TechEd! 200 over all. Amazing.


Here comes the next surprise... All demos were from SAP ( note to self partners - demo your solution and the customers will come - build it and they shall come) and out of the 6 demos, 4 were mobile apps and the the 5th had a mobile UI. well well well.. mobile is on everyone's mind. Surprise Surprise!


Demo Jam participants:


1. i-mine - Sudarshan LS
2. Excel Minor 2.0 - Mayur Belur / Saurabh Diwan
3. Mobile Clock-In - Sudhindra Naib / Sangeeta Roy
4. Offline Quote Tool - Harsha Sagar Chandre
5. Intelli - Assist - Raghunandan / Jayananda
6. SAP Augemnted Reality on mobile ( Android) - Rupam and Santosh : Winners and my favourites!


BTW, @ the virtual sap tech ed site, it is mistakenly published that intelli-assist won the demo jam. I am sure they will fix it soon.


Finally it was time for SWARATHMA to rock the stage with their rocking fusion -folk music! SWARATHMA - you have many many more fans now! Keep rocking.


Tomorrow starts day 2 at 8 :15 AM! See you all there.


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What a great Demo Jam! We posted the replays this morning (and everything is in order too - thanks for the note!)
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Hi Idit,

Great to hear that! Loved the Demo Jam. 4 out 6 entries were mobile apps!