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A community cannot survive without its pillars and people are the driving pillars of any community. Similarly at the core of an open source project is the community (people) of the project. Eclipse has a very vibrant and vivacious community which is at the helm of the wonderful platform of Eclipse.

To foster and cultivate the community awareness, ever year Eclipse foundation along with a sponsor organizes Eclipse Demo camps all over the world. This time the Bangalore edition of the Eclipse Demo camp was held at the Labs India Campus. It was well punctuated with cool and interesting demos.

The event started with Mr. Harish Porwal (VP of TIP Core UI and Modeling tools) giving a keynote speech. He gave useful insights on the strategies and involvement of SAP in Eclipse. He further told how SAP is contributing to different projects like eGit, WTP, Graphiti, EMF Model Query2 etc.

Then the demos started.

Four demos were shown each were of 25 minutes.


  1. Introduction to EMF: Eclipse consultant and freelancer Madhu Samuel started with Introduction to EMF and need for it. He showed a quick demo on how to create EMF models, generate the EMF code and how the UI is generated. 
  2. EMF Query2: Next Generation Model Query: I showed the New EMF Model Query2.The first demo laid the foundation for EMF, then I showed why the need for Querying arises and how the same can be achieved through Model Query2.I demoed the key features of EMF Model Query2 through a tooling environment.
  3. Android Development Tools: We know how fan the base of Android is increasing day by day. To cater to the Android users, Ashok Pan Kumar of IBM showcased the tooling support available in Eclipse for applications on Android.
  4. XText and Creating DSL for Android: Continuing on the story of Android, Ayushman Jain of IBM introduced XText and created a DSL using XText for Android.

After the demos turn came for the teasers. These teasers were of around 10-15 minutes.

  1. eGit: Deepak Azad of IBM gave introduction to eGit and showed a demo of how eGit works. We know Git is one of the most talked after things in the software community. This demo was hence quite useful and he also showed a comparative analysis of Git with other source code management systems like SVN,CVS etc.
  2. XWT Desginer:  Also we could get a demo on e4.Laskhmi of IBM showed the fresh XWT Designer through which the SWT UI elements can be modeled.
  3. Embedding web server in Eclipse:  Nayna Jain of IBM showed how Jetty can be embedded inside Eclipse and can be used as an embedded server.

Overall the demos very professional and well demonstrated.The Demo camp was attended by more than 100 participants, with participants coming from versatile backgrounds.

We saw participation from IBM, eBay, Google and other companies. All attendees were on their toes as some cool goodies were also given to them in between the talks. Special thanks to Supriya Thengdi for anchoring the show and keeping the rhythm going.  We got nice feedbacks from the attendees about the whole event. Looking forward for Demo camps like this.