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Coming this Friday, January 15, 2016 we will be making some enhancements to the current By Design, Cloud for Customer, and Cloud for Travel customer downtime notification system.

As a Cloud Administrator, you can manage the contacts that receive notification by using the Service Control Center (SCC) work center in your system.

In an effort to keep you better informed of system issues, we will be adding additional email notifications when a downtime incident is identified.

Today, you receive one email notifying you when your tenant is down (Initial Notice) and one to notify you when your tenant is back on-line (Resolution). In addition to these notices, after Friday, we will provide updates approximately once every hour until resolution, with the objective of keeping you informed as we work to restore services.

NOTE: E-mails will be delivered from in place of

Additionally, the look and feel of the notification will change as well. Each notice will indicate the stage of the interruption, service impact, and status overview: