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This week I had the pleasure to attend the yearly conference of the SAP German User Group in Bremen.

It was a fantastic event with several great keynotes and a lot of information being shared.

Bernd Leukert started it off, showed the new boardroom

and also talked about the comprehensive IoT offering part of HCP

In another keynote Michael Kleinemeier talk about the digital transformation

(you can find all the keynotes in this playlist:

On the second day it was finally time for our topic: the interoperability of SAP & Microsoft. Our two speakers introduced our working group

while I was still relaxing and the room was filling up...

In the end (or beginning :-)) -- when we kicked off our session and quickly introduced our next onsite meeting on October 29th in Walldorf.

we had probably over 200 people attending (with people standing in the back). We talked about the different options and also showed live demos of how an integration of SAP data and processes in Microsoft applications like SharePoint, Outlook or Excel could look like.

It really was a fantastic session with extremely good questions and feedback afterwards. I am really looking forward to our next sessions during SAP TechEd Las Vegas and Barcelona and of course to our next onsite meeting fro...