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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Many SAP partners (as well as SAP employees who work with partners) wonder where to find enablement materials and information for partners. One of the main (if not the single most important) information sources is the Partner Enablement Center.

The Partner Enablement Center fulfills multiple functions:

It is the main source for SAP webinars; from here, partners can register for upcoming webinars and also access all recorded webinars which are being archived and made available for download, including the presentation slides in pdf format.

Furthermore it is a source for eLearnings, workshops & events, demos, tools & assets and also enablement packages:

Enablement Packages, for example, are a collection of various assets and tools around a certain topic, a "resource library", so to speak.

The following pictures show the contents of the Enablement Package "Mobile":

The content can accesses via the link "access here" and are normally not restricted (i.e. free of charge and open to all partner types):

As shown on the first picture, there are multiple functions to personalize the own settings. A user can define what contents should be displayed (e.g. language, role, region, solution focus etc.) by clicking "Personalize my Settings". You will see the following personalization options:

This way, users can exactly define what enablement information notifications they would like to receive (i.e. what type of assets, in what language, what is the solution focus etc.) and how often they would like to receive an update.

When registering for an upcoming session, the partners receive an email notification with the SAPconnect link and the dial-in numbers before the session takes place, and after the session they automatically receive an email with the link to the recorded session (the session can be downloaded):

It is highly recommended that partners make use of this great resource, and it is also very helpful for SAP employees.