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Below is a collection of #digital tweets from the last few weeks – from my perspective the trends, tips and digital news that’s worth a read whether you’re a casual observer or a fellow CDO.

20 Dec 2016 Check out this Digitalist Magazine story about how the more digital we are, the more mindfulness we need in the workplace.

21 Dec 2016 Cybersecurity firms say a Russian ‘Methbot’ can fake up to 300 million video views a day, defrauding millions of dollars from digital advertisers.

22 Dec 2016 What are some digital trends to watch out for? Adweek has a full list of market influencers for 2017.

23 Dec 2016 The promise of digital health offers massive opportunities to deliver quality care in developing countries.

28 Dec 2016 Police in Arkansas are asking Amazon for Echo access in murder case. Translation: digital privacy is complicated.

30 Dec 2016 The New York Times reports that paper holiday calendars are still enduring despite the digital age.

30 Dec 2016 Paytm, an Indian mobile-wallet market leader, plans to have 5 million merchants in 2017.

31 Dec 2016 British critic Laurence Scott ponders the ways technology is changing culture and individuals.

2 Jan 2017 What are the five tech trends that will change the world in 2017? Digital trends has created a top five you should keep an eye on.

3 Jan 2017 The Western African Nation of Senegal may soon contribute to the digital currency revolution.

4 Jan 2017 Colombian newspaper PanAm Post suggests bitcoin, and digital currencies in general, are now illegal in Colombia.

9 Jan 2017 How do you better resonate with your audience? A Stanford GSB lecturer uses big data to explain what works.

9 Jan 2017 Researchers at the Israel Institute of Technology have developed a breathalyzer to diagnose 17 diseases with one breath from a patient.

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