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I was a little suprised last week when I was talking to some developers about Linux and they had no idea that Labs IT has an LTS in operation.  Linux Terminal Server has got to be the easiest way to get a Linux environment, regardless of the SAP desktop you are running. It is intended for Windows users who want to check out what Linux is like, need to test something under Linux, or run an application that is not available on their local workstation.

Labs IT has four Linux flavours available - Redhat, SUSE Enterprise Server, Ubuntu and Debian.

Try out LTS. (Redhat)

Try out LTS (SUSE)

Try out LTS (Ubuntu)

Try out LTS (Debian)

We also have the Image Library for Dev, Test and Crash and Burn, which is a self-service environment of template images of SAP systems and servers: NW 730, LAMP, NJP, and Linux, with more on the way, based on requests from development groups.   For more information on the Image Library go here:


Mike - Labs IT