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Wanted to share an interesting discussion I had the other day:

So  I supported a partner with a Request for Proposal and the customer had a couple of interesting requirements among others:

  1. Virusscan in the communication between device and backend system
  2. Backup and virusscan of the backup files for IOS devices

Ok, I can see that a solution on getting a virusscan on no.1 is possible but that is something that SAP does not offer Out-of-the-box so the partner needs to arrange that.

On to no.2 there is, as far as I know, only 2 ways of backing up an IOS device and that is either to iCloud or to your PC/Mac.

So my idea for this was to block the iCloud backup with Afaria and then to see if possible to virusscan the iTunes backupfile. I haven't been able to see if that really works yet though, will test this soon and update!

Now I know the comments will be the normal "There are no viruses on OS X/IOS" :grin: but thats fine..

Have fun!