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We as Labs IT provide special hardware as the Standard IT sometimes does not meet the requirements for Developers in SAP. Developer Hardware also means that a Developer can come to us with some new requirements for a Project work within his group and we will certify this devices to make them worldwide available and guarantee support.

The nextsteps for developer hardware is that we exchange the Z820 Single Socket to the Z840. It has a Single Intel Xeon E5-2687W v2 3.4Ghz and is liquid cooled, 32GB of Ram, 2 480 GB SSD in a Raid0. Also it is planned to exchange some of the High End machines as they go EOL for example the Z620 and Z820.

Also for the up coming year it is planned to certify a new Display for Developer usage – a curved 34” Display that should make life easier for working and give you a more comfortable workspace. Also we will save up energy with this device as you only need one Monitor instead of two.

If you have any special requests or questions related to developer hardware please contact or and we will assist you with your requirement. For more information you find our Portal Page via /go/dev-hardware.