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Dear All, 

we have been hearing a lot about Design Thinking, is it really new or just a new buzzword, or just a new name to common sense. We have heard of companies that exclusivley practise design thinking.

So what is design thinking all about. In simplified words, it's the process of addressing user needs, keeps the end user at the top of the pyramid. It's a process that derives development based on user needs and not on developer's.

Further, it is an iterative, fluid approach that derives insights and inspiration from customers to drive new opportunities, solutions, innovations and strategies. Thus, you are allowed to fail and go back to drawing board at any stage. It relies heavily on first-hand, on site observation and research. It also allows a diverse group of people to come together as a team and generate high quantity and wide variety of ideas. It makes you to think rapidly and iteratively build non-coded prototypes to drive conversations, ideas and to validate concepts.

Design Thinking always focuses on viability, feasibility and desirability along the innovation process. The optimal solution to a problem is at the heart of the three.

Further, innovations with design thinking approach are less likely to be expensive as this approach helps to ensure that the right solution is built and that development teams are equipped to build the solution right. The effort in the beginning to understand and validate what the right problem is avoids expensive redesigns in later phases.

There are various stages in this process. An overview of the stages is shown below with the expected outcome after each stage. Just to re-iterate, it is possible to go back to any of the previous stage at any time.

Please find below few examples to understand the concept better:

Infant Warmer
Prada Retail Experience

Ideo shopping cart videos

Using this approach, a diverse group of people can collaborate together addressing the actual issue faced by customers and come come with better solutions addressing end user needs.

Thanks and Regards,