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Two weeks ago I delivered several sessions at TechEd && d-code in Las Vegas. In preparation for my introductory sessions on the SAP Mobile Platform Hybrid SDK (Kapsel), I created a simple application that highlighted how to use the Kapsel Logon and AppUpdate plugins in an application.  The application renders a simple UI with some content on the page that shows progress of the AppUpdate process and some text indicating which AppUpdate events fire at different times during the process.

Being an experienced developer, I made sure to test my application before my session; I had an earlier session to help with, so I sat in the back of the room and worked through the steps to make sure they worked. Two hours later, when in my session using the same laptop, same software, same network and same process – it stopped working.

My demo showed how to create a Cordova project, add the Android platform then some core Cordova plugins along with the Kapsel Logon and App Builder plugins. What failed for me was the Android build process. It wasn’t that I had forgotten  a step or that some network problem occurred, an app I’d built 10 times suddenly stopped building. Sigh.

After my session, I found some time to try the steps again. That afternoon and again the next morning I tried everything I could to see if I could get around the problem. I even sought help from my colleagues to no avail.

Today I’m at PhoneGap Day in San Francisco, and I had some time before the session to work on this problem again. This time, I upgraded all of my dependent software – Ant, git, node and even the Android Developer Tools (ADT). After the upgrades, I tried out my app again – and…it worked. I have no idea what changed, but I was able to get it to work.

I created the app for a platform marketing video, so I’ll record the full demo and let you all know when it’s all posted. I’m also going to try to publish the source code so you can play with it yourself.