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The second day at the bangalore teched 2010 was jam-packed and literally rocking with the amazing atmosphere. Lot of sessions did not have room for getting in one more person let alone standing!


In Memory and HANA sessions are being repeated over again and I think they might have to just hold a fourth day to repeat them to satisfy everyone! 😉


The lounge sessions were packed completely with Augmented Reality on Android taking the first place with atleast a crowd of 2 times the capacity !!


It was a great day for networking and the SAP Mentors were present in full at the community clubhouse and the Live SAP TV to meet the crowd and talk tech with the SCN Members. SCN Moderators joined everyone there!


@Mrinal and @abesh fielded some interesting questions on the live TV. " What technology turns you on?"!!


The Clubhouse giant screen showcased the tweets left by the attendees! remember use #sapteched when tweeting !


It was quite an eventful day and "Project Gateway" came out as being one of the hottest topics this teched with HANA/In-Memory.  People just can't wait to get their hands on Gateway and I hope SAP releases it very very soon! Did I say very?!?


The Gateway demo session was again full and I heard that someone might start singing a bollywood type song for it to be repeated tomorrow!


Overall an awesome day! See you all there tomorrow.

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Quite agree with you on HANA generating enthusiasm and the sessions being fully packed with audience.

There was a session on SAP on Cloud which went housefull well before it was supposed to start and SAP had to arrange another session on Day 3 for it.