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In this  post I will show you how to avoid a frequently occuring problem in DART.

At some circumstances you may  receive a short dump something like this:

Runtime Error         SYNTAX_ERROR
Date and Time          07/16/2010 14:01:04



  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    |Short text                                                                                       
    |    Syntax error in program "/1BCDWBEN/SAPLFEN0009
    |What happened?
    |    Error in the ABAP Application Program 
    |    The current ABAP program "SAPLTXW2" had to be terminated because it has
    |    come across a statement that unfortunately cannot be executed.  
    |    The following syntax error occurred in program "/1BCDWBEN/SAPLFEN0009 "
    |     in include "/1BCDWBEN/LFEN0009$28 "
    |    in line 5:                                                                                      
    |    "Type "CI_DFKKR" is unknown"    


The problem is caused by an incomplete generation of the table
DFKKREP07 Tax Report Data (Clearing Time).

For the resolution you should re-generate the table in SE11 regardless of its state

I hope this will help you resolve the above error.

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