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Dear SAP users, 

in this  post i will show you how to avoid a frequently occuring problem in DART.

 This is relevant for you if you receive a short dump INVALID_STRUCTURE with

following identification:

|"RAISE_EXCEPTION" " "              |
|"SAPLTXW2" or "LTXW2U04"        |


The exception occures at the following lines: 

            |   36|   CALL FUNCTION                 'TXW_SEGMENT_FROM_STRUCT_GET'                                              
            |   37|    EXPORTING                                               
            |   38|      export_structure  = export_structure           
            |   39|    IMPORTING                                               
            |   40|      e_txw_c_strc      = txw_c_strc                   
            |   41|      description       = seg_description                
            |   42|    EXCEPTIONS                                              
            |   43|      invalid_structure = 1.                                 
            |   44|  IF sy-subrc <> 0.                                          
            |>>>>>|    RAISE invalid_structure.                             
            |   46|  ENDIF.   

Where the actual export structure is /ISDFPS/ME_SEGM_EXP.


This error is caused by the DART-Segment /ISDFPS...
Introduced with the note 1168892 for DEFENSE-Datenextractor. In fact this feature is not used by the most customers which leads then to this problem.

There was a SAP Note 1453431 released which may also help however the experience shows that there is a more simpler and cleaner way to overcome the dump.

The other way is that you simply set the field TXW_IBU-ACTIVE directly in SE16 to blank.
The table TXW_IBU is where the IBU extractors are connected to the DART. In the most cases the table is empty except you are receiving the above dump which means you have at lease one entry in the table. The field "activity" decides if the actual IBU-function is active in DART extraction or not.

In this way the DEFENSE extraction is stopped at the begining and therefore the above mentioned segment will not be referenced any more.


I hope this will help you avoid the above error.

Best regards

Attila Szasz