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Hi Guys,

Here are the latest notes in the customs area:

Customs Management:

If a product is flagged as customs warehouse relevant but not yet initially transferred to GTS, an error occurs during processing in worklist customs declaration after goods receipt. Note 2269611 solves that.

With simulation of item aggregation no IP closing portions are shown. Note 2270890 offers a correction.

The quantity in base quantity is not shown, even though a product was entered. Implement note 2272111 to solve that.

There have been several corrections regarding customs duties. The relevant notes are: 2264908, 2272168, 2272242 and 2273324.

If you want to switch the communication with the German customs authorities in the customs procedure for import and transit from Release ATLAS 8.4 to ATLAS 8.6, note 2215854 holds all relevant information. Also, please implement note 2273903 which corrects an error in ATLAS 8.6 regarding authorization type OHNE for SUMA.

For French customs DELTA there is an issue with the incompletion check, not all mandatory fields are checked. Note 2263056 enhances it.

Sending ISF 10+2 or ISF-5 declarations for US customs can lead to a message type x dump. Please implement note 2271707 to correct the error.

Incompleteness check for ATLAS transit declarations lead to error ‘the branch number (principal) has an incorrect value (0000)’ if a branch number that is not 0000 is assigned to the principal partner. Note 2254282 is to be implemented in this case.

Regarding the Activation of Release 3.20 for EMCS for the Dutch authorities the status information for January 2016 have been changed in note 2246047 .

During the conversion to EMCS 3.20, the EU rule C180 was replaced by the Belgian rule BR085. After you send a Belgian EMCS declaration, you receive a technical error message because the EORI number for the recipient was not specified. Before you send the message, the incompleteness check does not indicate that you must specify an EORI number for the recipient. Therefore note 2272218 has been written.

In EMCS 3.20 the EORI number for recipient may be specified only in export. For this note 2272410 solves the error when after sending an EMCS declaration, you receive a technical error message because the EORI number was specified
for the receiver, even though the specification of the EORI number is not allowed if “Type of Destination” is not equal to export.

In GTS release 11.0 note 2260595 provides a new functionality to create undefined goods movements for FTZ. For that this note implements transaction /SAPSLL/FTZ_UNDEF_01 with report /SAPSLL/CUSWLO_FTZ_UNDEF_CREAT.

SAP note 2272159 ensures that container data and transport data are taken over from the customs bills of lading when creating a Local Clearance Admission.

To take over the Mode of transport from the customs bills of lading when creating a Regular Admission from the worklist before the goods receipt note
2272226 has been created.

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