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Hi Guys,

Latest Customs notes

For the U.S. customs server ACE (Automated Commercial Environment) import customs declarations, the declaration items concern goods for which the data must be sent to further authorities called partner government agencies (PGAs). The data is not transferred to the electronic message even though note 2285523 has already been implemented previously. Note 2291077 provided now enlarges the spectrum of data which can be send by enabling following data:

  • Commercial description
  • Brand name
  • Model name
  • Year of production
  • Vehicular-ID number
  • Partner no. of producer on item level
  • Partner no. of recipient on item level
  • Documents of category CUID (certificates/notifications) on item level
  • Partner no. of importer on header level
  • Partner no. of importer’s responsible employee on header level

If you want to declare more please use BADI implementation and pay attention to note 2289289.

For Processing Trade there was the issue that in case the user changes the merged sequence numbers on a Business Scope Account (BSA) or E-Manual and pushes the "Back" button after that with saving the data, the merged sequence number was not refreshed. Whereas directly using the "Save" button, the merged sequence number was refreshed. This problem is resolved with correction provided with note 2291119.

Note 2298993 corrects the problem that for sending a report of receipt to customs authorities for an EMCS process, the incompleteness check did not yet check if rejected quantity of an item exceeds the actual quantity.

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