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Taken from article by Christoph Ziedler

Users who work with the software every day know best where the real problems lie. But many don’t know that they can pass this on to SAP and have an impact on product development.

This must have happened to just about everyone at some time: You’re sitting in front of your computer using software for either private or business purposes and you wonder why precisely the functionality that you use regularly can only be reached with bizarre workarounds or why some button or other is hidden exactly where you don’t expect to find it. Or you’d like to see more features in some places so that complexity can be reduced elsewhere. “What could the software developer have been thinking?” you often ask yourself, forgetting that different users have different focuses when working with the software.

Precisely to find this out – to hear from as many users and companies as possible about where there is room for improvement – SAP offers its customers the chance to give feedback directly to the development departments. It’s known as Customer Connection.

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