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Hi Guys,

Improved User-friendliness for the Classification Consistency Report

SAP Note 2215832 corrects the following symptoms:

Transaction /SAPSLL/PRCLS_CONS is not included in the SAP GTS menu.

2. In the title of the result list, there is a spelling error ("Konsistezprüfung" in German).

3. The quick info of the status in the output list (ALV) is misleading.

4. There is no description of the error in the output list (ALV).

5. The search help for numbering schemes is not restricted to the procedure types for the Customs Management area.

Special Customs Procedure Redistribution

If attributes are no longer active for a special customs procedure no product is selected in the redistribution for special customs procedures. Note 2278788 solves this issue.

Foreign Trade data not transferred from Inbound Delivery Item

Note 2264759 ensures that the country of origin is transferred to SAP GTS when the inbound delivery has a material that is subject to batch management.

Authorization Default Values for Processing Products

If you are missing authorization default values when working with products in GTS please install note 2287846.

No ‘Quickinfo’ exists for the Button Customs Product Master

When using transaction /SAPSLL/PRCLS_CONS you notice that the button Customs Product Master does not contain any ‘Quickinfo’. To correct this please install note 2288245.

Uploading Exchange Rates

The transport connection to upload exchange rates is not separated in a subroutine. Please install note 2286370.

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