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You have developed Web Dynpro applications on SAP NetWeaver 04/04s consuming Enterprise JavaBeans? Respect to you! I have a vague notion what you have passed through, but it is only you who knows the actual cost.


Or maybe you are currently planning a new project to use Web Dynpro on EJB 3.0? Lucky you! It is now so easy, so pleasant, so streamlined…


What is it about? Well, Web Dynpro is the preferable UI strategy of SAP. Of course, there are reasons behind it, but I will not focus on them. On the other hand, we have Enterprise JavaBeans – a technology for building business components evolved to the most popular one on the market. EJB, being part of Java EE, is an open standard around the whole Java Enterprise community.


It was always indispensable to integrate both. Although there was neither tool nor infrastructural support for this in SAP NW 04/04s, it was broadly used by customers. They were manually looking up the beans, programmatically binding them to the UI components, manually invoking the EJB methods, and more and more…


SAP NetWeaver CE 7.1 offers a complete new solution; the alternative so deadly expected!


Based on the customer feedback, the EJB Model in Web Dynpro is introduced. It significantly eases the process of consuming EJBs in Web Dynpro applications, and besides makes it in a quite intuitive manner. It is also compliant with all the other well known CMI-based models. If you have developed any Web Dynpro applications using CMI models, then there’s nothing new to learn. If you just start getting familiar with Web Dynpro – don’t worry. Although it is that easy and exciting to play with it, there is also a plenty of documentation and step-by-step tutorials to help you find your way.


SDN will guide you to Web Dynpro, Java EE, and EJB worlds; that’s for sure. How to start with the EJB Model though? This simple tutorial is an outstanding starting point:


Give it a try and let us know what you think! Have fun!


EJB CMI Model will also be featured at SAP TechEd ’07: