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I'm finding my way back to SDN this month with an initial short post about what we are up to at the SAP Co-Innovation Lab in Palo Alto this year. With so much groundswell surrounding innovation and SAP Leonardo today, we are in no short supply of compelling projects to pursue. The project work emerging really reflects it. We’ve got at least 5 projects focusing upon AI and ML already, another is forming as well as a lot of work going on surrounding data analytics and IoT. We also have an event being built around Bots and another with our friends from Hybris.

We’ve had ongoing work since the start of the year with Enterra Solutions, Stellium, Inc., Cisco, Vmware, Intel, and OsiSoft. Great topoics like AI in supply chain, automated mfg and IoT gateway/Digital Edge Processing for oil and gas. Now new projects are spooling up with Dell, Citrix and RedHat. Speaking of OsiSoft, rather than write about it you can listen to it as a COIL Global Network podcast, The Early View, Session One 2017. Join me for a fast 20-minute conversation with Sam Lakhundi and Ed Watson from OSISoft who can tell you from firsthand experience, and directly connecting with customers, where the industry uptake is for the newest technologies and becoming confident with IoT even for something concrete and maybe boring like the optimal ingestion of the right sensor and historian data.

The newest projects first brought to our attention as early as Q4 2016 and Q1 2017, are just now beginning to gain traction. We’ve got one training some partner formed ML designed to wrangle costs out of hospital pharmacies. (among many other applications)/. We are working now with our HC IBU team and the partner to define the project scope, requirements and to refine the target use cases. If you like drones, we have a really cool project discussion in motion that can help the SAP construction and Mining IBUs to address problems and challenges to get drone data and services into SAP platforms and applications. More on this in a future post. We are excited to see RedHat, Citrix and Nutanix along with Pure Storage all getting on to new projects in the lab.

I’m way behind on my posts to SDN. At the start of the year I was fairly consumed with just restoring to its full luster with the 1DX team. Post Sapphire I was asked to contribute some writing to the Digitalist. You can pick up on some more insight into how we think co-innovation as one approach can have a positive impact upon achieving DT goals.

Please do check out the podcast and if you have an interest in hearing about a particular project or topic for a future session let me know!