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By now, we get it - ignoring the power of Social Selling will allow our competition to literally leave us in a pile of digital dust-bites. 70% of a buyer’s journey is complete and up to 90% of their decision is made before customers and prospects are even ready to speak with us. Social Selling inserts you into this new buying cycle early on so you can connect with and influence customers and prospects before they make up their mind. SAP’s social sellers convert opportunities up to two-percentage points higher, lift quota attainment by 60%, and increase opportunity ownership by 200%, resulting in deals that are 600% larger in revenue (on average).

In its’ most basic form, Social Selling is using social media to establish and strengthen relationships with influencers and customers to generate new business opportunities or accelerate sales cycle. Social Selling starts with building a professional brand and it also involves active listening, building relationships, visible expertise, and network expansion.

Check out the video below where Santiago Duque, Head of Presales LAC North, talks about his successes with Social Selling.