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I’ve read a lot lately about rethinking the concept of the work-life balance. Many have written that maintaining a strict and separated balance between your work life and personal life is unrealistic nowadays. Both worlds are just too demanding, they argue. Rather, these pundits suggest, we should strive for more harmony between the two. Interesting.

But whatever word you use, studies confirm how important the work-life conundrum is to today’s global workforce. In a recent Accenture survey, for example, 52% of respondents said they have turned down a job due to concerns about its impact on work-life balance. Company executives looking to hire and retain the best talent available would be wise to heed what these people are saying.

Adjusting the Scales

So how do some companies tip the scales in their favor? Technology might be the answer. In the same Accenture survey, more than 75% agreed that technology enables them to be more flexible with their schedules – and most of these people reported that a flexible work schedule is extremely or very important to work-life balance.

This is exactly the kind of enabling technology that Citrix Systems, Inc. makes. Many of us are familiar with the company’s GoToMeeting solution for web conferencing and online meetings. But Citrix produces a wide range of products that help people collaborate from anywhere, work productively from any location, and choose the best device to use at any moment. As a result, Citrix solutions are used by more than 260,000 organizations and over 100 million users around the world.

"Live Better, Work Better"

The Citrix mantra is “live better, work better.” And the company uses technology to improve job satisfaction and performance for its own people as well. As an SAP employee, I love seeing that our technology is part of this strategy. A good example is how Citrix uses the SAP Business Planning and Consolidation application to help its accounting and finance teams focus more on the jobs they enjoy doing. As Danielle Bass, Director of Global Accounting Systems at Citrix, observes, “When users can spend time doing what they've been trained on, and what they love, businesses run better.” On-demand reporting and drill-down analysis, for example, are two technologies that are helping these business experts to be more productive. And more efficient planning enables Citrix to better serve its many customers and shareholders.

Citrix has received a five-star rating from employees who praise the company for creating a culture that encourages them to explore “how, where, and when work gets done.” Thanks to this kind of feedback, Citrix was recognized as a “Top 25” company for work-life balance by Glassdoor, the online jobs and career community.

This recognition is pretty strong evidence that Citrix leadership really takes the company mantra to heart. But is this an example of balance or harmony? Or is it both?

As you ponder these questions, check out this video to hear more from Citrix’s Danielle Bass.

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