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In an earlier New CRM Marketing Forum Coming Soon..., I announced our plans to introduce a new forum designed specifically for questions and answers related to CRM Marketing and some advantages of doing so... Well, I'm pleased to say that the SAP CRM: Marketing is live. Check it out!

There is now a common place for searching for information on CRM marketing that has been exchanged between community members and for posting new questions on marketing topics, such as marketing planning, marketing performance and analytics, segmentation, multi-channel campaign management, loyalty management, collaborative partner campaigns, and much more...

However, we have refined the purpose of this new forum to differentiate it from the SAP CRM: Webclient UI - Framework, and would really like to see more questions from the BPX community related to business processes around marketing.  

So, business questions such as:

  • 'We create several campaigns, how can we ensure that best performing campaigns are reused?'
  • 'What are the new functionalities available in Loyalty management?'

For you ABAP-type people, your technical questions are still welcome, so please continue to post them in the SAP CRM: Webclient UI - Framework.

Our goal and commitment is to make the SAP CRM: Marketing a true success and a valuable knowlege tool for the community, so our Product Management experts will be monitoring the site and contributing to the discussions -- but we cannot do it without YOU

So, please spend a few minutes and post a thread to help us kick-start the forum or set an RSS feed on the forum to ensure you get the latest feed and updates on interesting discussions that are taking place.

As a token of our appreciation, we will be awarding points to participants who contribute. If you know of any colleagues who are business-oriented and could benefit from this forum, forward the forum URL on to them!

If you have tips, suggestions or found useful information on how to make forums successful, I would be happy to hear from you.