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Part A will concern creation of new fields in crmd_order transaction

Part B will concern the reporting transaction  crm_dno_monitor adaptation (coming soon)

Part A: Adding fields to CRMD_ORDER 

For below example transaction type SDCR will be chosen

A1: TR: EEWB - Easy Enhancement Workbench

Important : You ll need a developer key in order to process this step !

Click on Create button


Give a Project Name & Description as a package then validate

Assign a Wb and a Cust Transport requests. Those will contain all the automatically generated object by the transaction EEWB and save

Right click on your project and choose option 'Create Extension'

 Give a name and a description to your extansion and choose

  • serivce_transaction for Bus. Object
  • CUSTOMER_H for extension type; then validate

Click on Continue

Click on Continue after giving a Title to the Extension

Select Service Process and click on Continue

Fill fields you want to have in your screen

For our example we ll have

  • a checkbox named 'Checkbox Example'
  • a classic string field named 'String Example'  (10 char)
  • a Date fields named 'Date Example'
  • a numerical field named 'Numerical Str Example'  (10 char)
  • a string field with a matchcode named 'String with Matchcode Example' (10 char). You ll notice that last column was set to 'X'

Click on Continue

Assign all fields to the header and click on Continue

Click on Continue


Click on Complete. This last step takes a couple of minutes ! Be patient and maybe go for a coffee (or maybe even two) 🙂

Ouff this step is over. This is what you should see !

Here is listed all the items that were created/changed by the EEWB !

Let's go take a look to our new screen !

A2: TR: SE51 - Screen Painter

 In SE51 go to your newly created screed : probably called SAPLZCRM_BTX_EEW_UI01 (check in logs of previous screen in EEWB)


Click on Change (you must have developer rights on system !)

Go to the layout editor: Let's make our screen a bite nicer and change our matchcode into a listbox !

This is before rearanging fields !

In order to change your matchcode into a list box double click on your matchcode field (in my case called String with Matchvode Example) and change value as shown below then validate

Complitate and here is the result (press F8 to test your screen)

Let us let Solman know about our new screen for transaction CRMD_ORDER 

A3: TR: CRMV_SSC Screen Sequence Control

For screen profile type srv0 select radio button 'Complete Tabstrip Assignment Panel' and click on Edit

Then Click on 'New Entries'

  • Tabstrip corresponds to the position of the tab in the Transaction data tab
  • Default Tabstrip means that your new screen will be the first screen displayed when clicking on 'Transaction Data' tab

Save and launch transaction CRMD_ORDER. You ll see your screen appearing in the position you set

In my case other tabs were declared before in system (that s why there is other tabs named the same)

Important: If your tab is not positionned last, you ll have a bug meaning instead of seeing Cusrtomer Fields as a title of your tab you ll see the same name as the tab at its right. To fix this problem, go to CRMV_SSC and select 'Def of Customer Specific Program' and add entry srvo / SAPLCONTEXT_MAINTAIN_GUI_SOCM

My listbox does not contain any value for now; i need to maintain them in transaction SM30 first in order to see them in transcation CRMD_ORDER

A4: TR: SM30 Maintenance Table Views

select your maintenance table view (generated by the EEWB and findable in logs of EEWB) and click on maitain button

Click on New Entries and fill your own values

Save changes. Let's go back to CRMD_ORDER. Now, I can see my entries in listbox !


Part A is Over ! My new screen is ready to go into PROD system and is available for use !!  

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This is very helpful and thx 4 ur contribution
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Dear Khalil,

youb blog might have been interesting, but I cannot see any of your screenshots, pitifully the address is blocked by my organization.

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Nice description, thank you!

How can one use the new defined fields in a Smartform or action condition? Which container element will be assigned?
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  Would greatly appreciate if you could notify when Part B is posted.
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I am very much keen to read this blog.But when I open this blog I am not able to see the screenshots in this document.

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After following your procedure, I am getting three tabs for Customer fields, just like the way you have shown in your screen shot. But the requirement is to have only one tab.
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plese make sure that as shown in Part A3 - CRMV_SSC the assignment of tabs is done properly


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for using those message as conditions in the PPF, you have two options
- use SubType of BUS2000116 for ex: ZUS2000116 in transaction swo1: quite complexe and long
- use Badi CONTAINER_PPF, and create specifi attribute when declaring your condition

for smartforms, you ll have to create a specific smartform (in tr smartform) as a copy of the std one and add fields that you re intersted in

Hope this helps

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Dear Khalil,

your blog might have been interesting, thanks for 4 ur contribution

I will be very much appreciate if you could post the Part B.
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Hi Khalil,

I am not able to view the images on this blog. Could you please fix this as I would like to go through this helpful blog.

Also it would be greatly appreciated if we all can have part B of the blog too. Th topic is interesting and i guess everyone is looking forward for some more.