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On May 2nd 2012 I stepped in to SAP's office in Stockholm for the first time as a SAP employee. I had been there previously for interviews, meeting some of my colleagues and signing the employment contract, but now I was one of the team and ready to start with the onboarding. So far the journey has been great and I have learned a lot and have had a very positive learning curve.

Looking back there are three things that sums up my first two years.

  • Right environment - Gartner predicts that by 2017 the CMO will spend more in IT than the CIO. One reason why the software industry is the perfect environment for a marketer to be in. Read more on this topic

  • Expanding my network - Working at SAP have grown my own network significantly and I have on a daily basis meetings with smart, business driven people which is very developing and stimulating.

  • Happy to work for SAP - Many people tend to stay a long time at SAP. I have colleagues that have been working between 10 to 25 years at SAP, and there is a reason way so many chooses to stay so long at a company nowdays!

Now I am heading towards Riche to order one of my favorite dishes, Toast Skagen with Kalix vendace roe, and on Monday starts the third period at SAP!