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The SCN blogs have been present since the beginning days of SCN, and to this day, the blogs remain as a key communications medium.  As social media continues to flourish and the Enterprise 2.0 takes shape, it is time to think about a new solution. 

As you, the community member, represent the most important element in this equation, the SCN team would like to hear what you want.  We have, therefore, decided to solicit your ideas, suggestions, and feedback via Idea Place.  In particular, we are looking for your ideas on value proposition, information architecture, capabilities and limitations, and quality and governance.  If you think you have an answer or even a partial answer to these challenges, please submit your ideas and comments to one of the following Idea Place Sessions:

1.Value Proposition:  Blogs are submitted and consumed for different reasons: social networking (i.e. ‘I Like TECHED'); deep technical knowledge sharing (i.e. How-to-Guides); announcements either from solution management or marketing; and sharing experience or information; and probably a few others not mentioned here.  Are there specific use cases which should be enabled?  Should separate channels be created to help facilitate discovery and consumption of relevant information?  What are your ideas?

2. Information Architecture:  While our blog categories today may be suffice for basic classification, there is a general lack of dimensionality on which to represent, search, and share blogs.  What is your take on this?  How would you structure the blogs?

3.Capabilities and Limitations:  For those of you who have been with the SAP Community Network for several years will remember the time before a WYSIWYG editor (Word-like editor).  In light of all of the cool eye candy present on other bleeding edge social networking sites, which capabilities and features do you feel are most important to implement?  Are there any features you would like to limit or remove from the system?

4.Quality and Governance:  The SAP Community Network prides itself on the quality of its member contributions, and we maintain these high standards with ongoing community support by volunteer moderators and constant review of blog submissions by various SAP employees.  As a blog author or reader, do you value these values?  Have you come to rely upon the integrity of the community and the content it produces?  If you were to change something here, what would it be?

5.Anything Else:  What additional ideas do you have in mind?