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On Friday 3rd October, four brave SAP UKI employees joined over 600 other volunteers in a giant sleep out on the streets of London to raise money and awareness for homeless children.

In the United Kingdom over 80,000 young people sleep homeless on the street every single night. Action for Children has been running Byte Night since 1998, it is an annual sleep out for IT professionals to experience what it is like to be homeless and raise funds to help these young people.

Byte Night runs in 8 different locations over the UK on one night and is expected to raise £1.3M this year. A massive thank you to all who sponsored us. Through the SAP sleeper team alone we have raised almost £6,000. Look at all our other fundraising activities on our Facebook page.

Team SAP: Simon Cummings, Mike Musson, Mark Cooke and I took to the streets by Tower Bridge in London with our sleeping bags and thermals. See how we got on in pictures:


Q&A session with young people that Action for Children have helped get off the streets using fundraising money from Byte Night – such inspiring young people!

Simon Cummings and I enjoying the warmth of the inside and the Quiz!

It’s time to go outside!

Time to lay out our beds for the night: Ground sheet, yoga mat, sleeping bag and a snazzy bin liner!

What a view to fall asleep to – Tower Bridge, London

              Go team SAP!             

          22.30pm – 07.00am Friday 3rd October 2