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You can use press releases and blogs to share your brand, messaging, and news with the world. They can use some of the same techniques, such as citing facts, delivering quotes, and employing a good story. They differ in a number of distinct ways, but the first and biggest question to ask is…

Who Is Your Audience?

A press release is meant for the media

“Media” refers to the reporters, broadcasters, and influencers who cover your industry or area of specialization. They may deliver news online or in print, or through podcasts or videos. Their audiences can include the decision-makers and buyers you want to reach.

Getting media attention isn’t easy, even with a great press release. So why go to the trouble? Because media coverage is considered high value. An independent party vetted your news and said to the world, “You should check this out.” Consumers know this means you earned your coverage, unlike messages in your advertising and marketing efforts, which people know you control and pay for.

A blog goes straight to your audience

You can post a blog on your company website, LinkedIn profile, and on a million other outlets. Distribution is completely in your hands. This lets you avoid media gatekeepers and take your message directly to an audience. The challenge with blogs is that people know you control the message, just like you do with your website, advertising, and marketing.

So why write a blog? Blogs give you more freedom than a press release. With a blog, you can use humor or invite controversy. Blogs can and should contain opinion and a point of view on a topic. A blog has a greater chance of standing out and getting noticed if you challenge conventional thinking or share a point of view others haven’t.

Message Matrix

Besides knowing your audience, here are other ways to decide which form of communication to use.

Press Release Blog


Focus on facts

Timely; tied to event or accomplishment

Follows standard style/format

Delivers news

Pushes information out to an audience

Share news about products/services/events


Focus on opinion

Evergreen; but can cover trends/news

Style/format open

Delivers value

Pulls an audience in

Share opinion; establish thought leadership

Choose the right option to meet your needs:

  • Want to tell the world about your new product or service?
    That’s a press release.

  • Trying to establish an executive as a thought leader in a specific area?
    That’s a blog.

  • Hosting or sponsoring an event?
    Pick a press release.

  • Looking to make your brand stand out from the competition?
    Bet on a blog.

Blogs and press releases each have their place in your communication portfolio. Use them wisely and you can reach a wider audience.