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Yes, it’s true. The Business Intelligence 4.0 Launch was as great as it seemed on Twitter.


It had all the right elements of a great SAP event.



Coolest Technology. The day has finally arrived for the world to see Business Intelligence 4.0 on the Run Better Tour in NYC! Not only were we able to see a demo live on stage, we saw it delivered on the iPad, Blackberry Torch, Blackberry Playbook, and the Samsung Galaxy. Information can’t just be accessed on our desktops anymore, for it to be usable, it needs to incorporate mobility and be usable on the newest tools. 


Riveting Speakers. Geoffrey Moore, Managing Director, TCG Advisors, raised some good questions, What will force enterprise IT to invest in systems of engagement? Will there be an evolution or revolution? He brought up so many great points.  He ended on the note that the role analytics plays in today’s changing environment is to adapt in way that can encourage more conversations to happen more easily around data.  The conversation is irreplaceable but the variable is the delivery of the data.

Steve Lucas, GM Business Analytics, SAP, showed us how BI4 is really a game changer(which you all have heard and know by now). With assistance from Dave Weisbeck they walked through various demos on the above mobile devices.  They were excited to show it off and there was a room of people excited to see it.

If you missed the keynote, you can watch it here. Watch the demos and Dave Weisbeck's tie get cut in 1/2 on stage!  This is worth your time.


Packed  House.  I don’t have the final number of attendees in house, but I can tell you there weren’t any free seats.  I don’t have the final number of viewers online, but I saw plenty of tweets with your reactions and commentary. Take a look at my Watch Feedback from BI4 Launch to watch reactions from SAP Customers J.P. Morgan, Major League Baseball and CBS Corporation. Also a bonus recap from SAP Mentor Dave Rathbun.


Reflections from SAP Mentor Mico Yuk

The best way to sum up the day is to let SAP Mentor, Mico Yuk, the unofficial Twitter spokesperson of the event, leave us with a few words.(Including why you should attend the Run Better Tour when they visit a town near you!)


To find out more about the Run Better Tour please visit the official website.